Join a Collaborative Antiracist Team

At Lead Liberated, we cultivate a culture of collaboration, learning, data driven decision making, and mutual respect with a focus on consistently moving closer to our vision. We pay our staff a livable wage and offer healthcare and benefits that prioritize their health, healing, and well being.

Full Time Position - Oakland / Bay Area, California

Principal Leadership Coach

We are looking for Principal Leadership Coaches who were a principal of a school that had high student achievement or growth in student learning outcomes, and used technical and adaptive leadership skills as well as a racial equity lens to facilitate effective professional development and coach teachers to improve student outcomes and experience. The core responsibilities of the Principal Leadership Coach are to coach principals 1:1; observe key structures that drive student learning such as ILT meetings, PLCs, and teaching to provide concrete and actionable feedback that will support principals to improve student learning outcomes, as well as use observations and experiences from coaching to co-facilitate professional learning for the cohort and ensure we meet programmatic goals, ideally for 3 years.

* As our program grows we will hire new coaches each year. This year’s process will begin in December 2023.