Through coaching and professional development, partnerships with Lead Liberated create antiracist learning cultures for education organizations.

How do partnerships work?

Through the structures outlined below, education leaders develop as liberated leaders, while learning technical and adaptive skills to lead their teams in developing an antiracist work culture. We start each partnership with a one year commitment, with hopes that both parties would like to extend the partnership to three years. Our three year scope starts with a focus on personal work, then moves to team practices, followed by organizational policies.

  • Individual coaching – provides support and accountability for leaders as they investigate their personal role in creating antiracist work cultures.
  • Professional development – ensures leaders and their teams have the space to heal from racism, practice skills, and identify clear concrete next steps to develop antiracist learning cultures in their organizations.

Case Study

Gia Truong, CEO Envision Education from 2014-2022

After reviewing staff retention data, I realized that staff of color were leaving our organization at higher rates than their white colleagues. I heard from staff of color about their experience at Envision Education and I knew that we needed to make a big shift to become an antiracist and pro-Black organization. During my partnership with Lead Liberated, I learned to be more aware of and interrupt racism within myself and in our organizational practices and policies and to co-design an antiracist organizational culture. Teacher retention overall, particularly Black teacher retention, had been a focus for us for several years, contributing to Envision achieving our highest teacher of color retention rate of 91% in 2019.

Case Study

Hear from Gia about how she used the 3P’s

Personal Leadership

I had to be deliberate and intentional about doing my own personal work to understand how white supremacy culture was showing up in my leadership and how to interrupt it.

Collective Practices

While attention to my own personal leadership was critical, I valued the ways that responsibility for the entire organization's equity initiatives didn’t fall on me alone.

Organizational Policies

Together, the leadership team and I realized we needed to redesign our hiring process to ensure it prioritized candidates with the lived experiences of the communities we served.

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