The Antiracist Collective

Early principals of color are developed to create antiracist learning cultures in their schools by identifying and interrupting racism in their personal leadership, collective practices, and school’s policies.

How does it work?

We convene principals of color, their supervisors, and their Instructional Leadership teams for collective learning over the course of three years. We provide support and accountability through 1:1 coaching and cohort based professional development to ensure leaders have the space to heal from racism, learn instructional leadership skills, and implement clear concrete next steps to develop antiracist learning cultures in their schools. We believe healing coupled with effective, aligned partnerships will lead to principal retention, thriving communities, and continuous improvement in student learning and experience.

We are embarking on a new alliance with REACH University. Starting with cohort 4, principals in the Antiracist Collective will clear their administrative credential through REACH.

How we grow together

We organize our approach through the 3 P’s which help us investigate and dismantle racism at every level it operates on and build new antiracist cultures, starting first with Personal Leadership.

Personal Leadership

First, you create a goal for your leadership that grounds your healing and development, after exploring how you have personally internalized and therefore reproduced racism.

Collective Practices

Then, we focus on collective practices. Principals and teams are developed to undo their collective racist practices and create new norms.

Organizational Policies

Finally, teams are able to critically examine their policies with an antiracist lens and design sustainable antiracist policies that become the cornerstone of an antiracist organizational culture.

Program Details and Timeline


October - November 2023

Application Due

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the deadline. Round 1: Due October 6th, 2023. If spots are still available after Round 1, Round 2 applications are due November 27, 2023


October/November 2023

Orientation Session

During orientation, accepted leaders learn more about The Collective and officially commit to the program.
In-person session: Week of October 23, 2023
Virtual Session: December 6, 2023


January/June 2024

Cohorts Launch

Leaders go on a multi-day retreat. Cohort 4 launches in January 2024 and Cohort 5 launches in June 2024



Healing and Learning

Coaches observe teaching and Instructional Leadership Team meetings to inform professional development and coaching. Leaders participate in biweekly group learning sessions, biweekly 1:1 leadership coaching, a retreat and have monthly assignments to support their learning.

Ready to join the Antiracist Collective?

Please read HERE for program overview. Please click HERE for program application.